Severe Weather News

We have put up some Emergency Contacts on our new Useful Contacts page which can be found under the Community heading.  We are posting regular updates on our Facebook page, click here to view it.  We hope everyone stays safe and don’t forgot to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, keep all pets inside and leave some food out for wildlife.

Litter Pick ‘N’ Coffee – Saturday 24th March 2018 at 11am

Calling out for your help if you’re fit and able!
Our second monthly litter pick up is planned for Saturday 24th March at 11am.

We will provide bags, pickers and gloves. Just for 1 hour and we will bring some coffee/tea and biscuits for after.  Meetup location coming soon

If you can join us please email

Litter Pick ‘N’ Coffee – Saturday 17th February 2018 at 11am

Calling out for your help if you’re fit and able!
Our first monthly litter pick up is planned for this Saturday 17th February at 11am.

For this one we are meeting in Granitefield Green and we will provide bags, pickers and gloves. Just for 1 hour and we will bring some coffee/tea and biscuits for after.

If you can join us please email

DLRCOCO engineer response 25/1/2018 – Johnstown Road Congestion 

“Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in providing a response to your query. As you are probably aware we have received a large volume of correspondence in relation to a number of issues in the Cabinteely/ Johnstown area since the Pedestrian & Cycle Improvement Scheme were completed.

The works at the N11 junction and the Maple Manor junction were carried out to provide improved cycle and pedestrian facilities where there were none previously. In order to provide appropriate time for these additional pedestrian facilities, all other road users would experience some form of additional delays. We have continually tried
to provide more time to the most congested approaches to the N11 junction.

The main issue that we are addressing now is the Johnstown Road queues. As I assume you are aware the major delays occur on the Johnstown Road approximately on three occasions during the day (i) in the morning 8:30am to 9:00am (School run), (ii) Lunchtime around 2pm for 30minutes, again school and lunch runs and finally, (iii) approaching 4pm for an hour and this is mainly due to the finish of School and the change of shift in the Amgen factory. At all other
times there is little or no delays on Johnstown Road around Pottery Road. There was a misconception that these delays were caused by the N11 junction and particularly the left turn towards Bray. This left turn is only busy in the evening traffic from 3:30pm on.

The main problem is the junction of Johnstown Road and Granville Road. This junction is an old site and does not run on our modern co-ordinated traffic management system. For this reason this junction does not link with adjacent junctions and delays traffic travelling from Rochestown Ave to N11 and in the opposite direction in the morning. We are going to upgrade this junction this week to allow it to link better with adjacent junctions and hopefully allow traffic to run more efficiently.

Following this work there may be further issues that we need to address at the N11 junction particularly in the morning to allow traffic to traverse the N11 from Cabinteely Village safely however it is hoped that the work this week will provide further improvements in this area.

I hope that this addresses some of your issues and please be assured that we are continually monitoring this location to make changes that will reduce delays to all road users.”

Johnstown Road Congestion – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Engineers Feedback-  22/01/2018

Firstly our thanks to all those who have supported this to date, Cllr Patricia Stewart and Jim Gildea have just confirmed the following feedback from the engineer assigned. (who is should be added seems to have been hit recently with the flu and hence the delay in a response)

1) They are aware of problems. The engineer aware of the build ups and the rat running. The current view is that the main source (in addition to the huge increase in cars on the road due to greater affluence and fuller employment) is the junction at Granville Road.

These lights operate independently of all the others – but this will be fixed this week, they hope/plan on Thursday. The intention is to bring these lights into the loop- the SCATS system- so that there is overall control with all junctions feeding into the central information system to facilitate flow.

2) The left turn onto the N11 which is problematic in the evening is viewed as posing little or no problem in the morning. But the engineer will review this when the Granville junction is embedded in the SCATS over the next couple of weeks. The engineer thinks it can be ameliorated but not solved: it’s always a case of mediating conflicting needs. They do have a lot of information from the SCATS, about peak flow and volume etc. so they can base it all on fairly hard data, but we all know how frustrating driving has become!

So Call to action for YOU, our residents 🙂 :

Can each of you please let us know your views over the next two weeks and we will revert with an update to the council in circa 2 weeks ?

As always PM on Facebook, Twitter or

January 2018

We are distributing a  new Winter 2017/18 early this month and you can see a PDF version , just go to our Newsletter section!

Also do you have a young person (18-30 in your household interested in representing Ireland in Europe, see this application form (not onerous) which has a deadline of January 15th:

Call for applicants 2018-extd_en CLRAE Strasbourg Programme for Young Civic Activisits 2018

December 2017

Well it has been a busy few months, with a lot of activity with the Council and we are also dealing with an upsurge in Robberies & Break-Ins within the estate.  Thankfully our Text & Viber Alerts is bringing more awareness to the community of incidents and the Gardaí are stepping up to assist us.

Our winter newsletter will be published soon and we look forward to the year 2018 ahead.

October  2017

Our local Dún Laoghaire Garda have an open day on Saturday 7th at 2 – 5pm

September  2017

Working with local councillors and DLRCOCO with our thanks to John Broderick we are having new Children Traffic alert signage being put in on all key roads throughout the estate!

May / June 2017

You should all have our Newsletter now and we have placed a digital copy on our Newsletters Page if you would like a Digitial copy.

With a lot of tidy up’s done, we approach judging time in July and whilst we are finishing off a refresh of the beds and maintenance, if you see any weeds or litter on your roads, please help and dispose of them!

There is a survey of Woodlands road to be done by the council before the end of Schools and the summer to assess how bad the school speeding and rat running that is going on.  We also hope the new traffic lights sequence at the N11 Cabinteely is sorted soon, given the delays we have incurred at peak hours.  It is recognised that the three lanes now open much later with the new larger cycle lane and wider grass area , but we really hope the traffic lights will help solve this.

We have had a lot of interaction with some of our councillors and DLRCOCO representatives on addressing our three hot topics, read more in our newsletter.

Our thanks to all the collectors who are currently collecting the Annual Fee unchanged from last year at just €20 per household.

Happy Summer to you all!

April 2017

Tidy Up Arrangements for Saturday 22nd April:

We are asking all residents to focus on their own roads for the tidy up this year and encouraging you to involve any children to help. A number of our volunteers who also distribute and collect annual fees will be on each road. If you have a corner planting area beside your road sign , we only ask you clear it of old vegetation as we are phasing in our replanting currently.

A few members will be at the corner of Doonanore park and Granville road at 11am until 11:30, where we will distribute Bags, Gloves and Pickers to anyone who needs them.

Then some of the committee and other residents will work across the estate to the various large green spaces and tidy as we go.

All filled bags of green waste will be collected by DLRCOCO if residents leave them on the usual spot, which is green area at the top of woodlands road on the left (just before the Auburn Road junction).

Any unused gloves and pickers can be returned to us at 22 Auburn Avenue.

Thanks to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and An Taisce National Spring Clean for their support .

Happy Cleaning!

Collectors will soon be going around to collect the Annual fee which is unchanged at €20.

Tidy Up Day – Set for Saturday 22nd April – before the kids get back to school why not have them involved in tidying up your street?

Also coming in May on Monday the 8th is this event thanks to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (click this graphic for more detail) :

March 2017 

Our thanks to the new volunteers from the AGM, which we will be in touch with shortly.

This year will all be meeting at the corner of Doonanore park and Granville road at 11am . We can then distribute any gloves, pickers and bags that we have to leads from each road.

We would like to have one person for each road to volunteer to co-ordinate each road. In advance if you can act to co ordinate your road, then please let us know in advance on here, by email to

These are all the roads we will be covering – if you can cover one let us know :
Granville Road (large number of roads)
Granville Crescent,
Doonsalla Drive,
Doonamana Road,
Woodley Road,
Johnstown Road,
Johnstown Avenue,
Johnstown Park,
Johnstown Grove,
Rochestown Avenue, (just small section from entrance of Granitefield area to Johnstown road end)
Woodlands Road,
Woodlands Avenue,
Woodlands Park,
Woodlands Drive,
Oakdale Drive,
Doonanore Park,
Doonsalla Park,
Auburn Avenue,
Auburn Road
and The Maples

AGM – Tuesday 21st March

Our AGM was very well attended last night with circa 50 attendees. There was a lot of discussion on some hot topics and it’s was great for all to have the opportunity to vocalise their own views.

In attendance with the residents we are thankful to have had attendance from some of the Local councillors, with Cllr Cormac Devlin, Cllr Jim Gildea, Cllr Denis O’Callaghan and Cllr Carrie Smyth in attendance (we had apologies from Shane O’Brien & Hugh Lewis).

Also we had Sergeant Paul Roche from Dun Laoghaire Gardai. In the coming week will share some detail on what was discussed and proposed actions.Thank you to our new volunteers which we badly need in helping broaden our reach. We need more and are looking for individuals to represent streets for coordinate the Tidy Ups.

Our thanks went to Tom Hunt who has stepped down from his treasurer role but will remain an active member. We are grateful to Aisling Byrne who has joined us as our new Treasurer and committee member.

Finally, we paid tribute to Frank Farrelly who stepped down from the committee after over twenty years of helping us all. We presented him with a voucher to enjoy a meal with his wife and daughter as a thank you from us all.

Diarmuid alongside Frank with Maureen .

Redmond with Frank, Cllr Cormac Devlin and Jack Rogan.

Saturday 11th March – Peter Dunne reflection

Larry and Diarmuid remember Peter Dunne this morning (11/3/17).

Peter was a long standing resident volunteer and sadly passed in the last week. For the last 25 years, Peter looked after this green area as you enter Granitefield, for us all.

May he rest in peace.

Woodlands Road Tidy up 11/3/2017

Our first spring clean up and a great team of local men Kevin Kirby, Robert Gubala, Paul O’Riordan, Diarmuid, myself with Larry on hand and Kevin of Fas. (yes we need some ladies next time! )

Thanks to you all for volunteering, we got a lot done in 90mins and we will follow up with some further planting.

Redmond O’Leary #SpringClean17

Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme- our objection

The committee met with Cabinteely Residents Association on hearing of their desire to draw attention to the Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme, which will impact ourselves.

Basically, independent of the large Cherrywood scheme there is potential for 1,000 houses to be put on land off Brennanstown Road. If you get to look at the picture attached you will see the plan is to put in a set of lights ahead and after the bad corner. This will no doubt lead to a much greater tailback than is already impacting us all in the locality. Also there is no connection to the new roads for the larger Cherrywood development.

The following is the letter we have signed that is being sent to all councillors:

Despite apparent unanimous opinion during recent Council meeting, that the proposed Brennanstown Road Part 8 Traffic Management Scheme failed to meet all of its four objectives, a decision was taken to adjourn the vote by Councillors until 13th March 2017.

As the number of observations received by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council exceeds 500 we trust in your continued support.

The proposed Part 8 Scheme will not only impact Brennanstown Road and its resident’s, implementation of this scheme will affect all surrounding areas, Carrickmines, Foxrock, Claremont Road, Corneslcourt Hill, Cornelscourt Village and Cabinteely Village.

Brennanstown Road Part 8 Traffic Management Scheme objectives;

  1. Reduce Traffic Speeds and Improve Road Safety

No evidence of a Road Safety Audit and no evaluation of the likely reduction in vehicle speed or the improvement in road safety are contained in the Environmental Report.

  1. Provide Improved Facilities for Vulnerable Road Users

The Traffic Management Scheme fails to provide satisfactory facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

  1. Reduce Through Traffic

No evidence is provided to support this claim, it is asserted that the works will reduce through traffic possibly due to assumed delays at the one-way shuttle system on Brennanstown Road.

  1. Facilitate the Development of Zoned Lands

Policy ST25 Road in the County Development Plan contains contradictory and irreconcilable land use planning objectives. On one hand, Policy ST25 recognises and seeks to preserve the character of Brennanstown Road. The existing stone walls, narrow roads and trees contribute to the existing sylvan character of Brennanstown Road and its environs.

On the other, the Plan includes residential zoning objective which aim to meet the projected housing requirements of the county in the plan period and Policy ST includes an objective to facilitate development at Brennanstown Road.

Brennanstown Road does not comply with any accepted standard or guidelines and its unsuitability to serve further residential development is acknowledged in the planning control which restricts new development as infill and extensions.

The proposed Brennanstown Road Traffic Management Scheme is substandard and gives rise to serious traffic hazard and endangerment of public safety .

This Part 8 Scheme fails to achieve the four objectives at Policy ST25 of the County Development Plan and it would therefore be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

To allow this proposed Part 8 scheme go through, would be both unreasonable and irresponsible.

Kind regards,

Signatures of Resident Associations Chairperson’s representing 2633 households in support that this Part 8 scheme should not go ahead;

Michael O’Brien, Cabinteely Residents Association 350 Households

Margret Richardson, Carrickmines Wood Residents Association 160 Households

Alan Guerins, The Park Residents Association 630 Households

Eamon Hussey, Druids Valley Residents Association 35 Households

Redmond O’Leary, Johnstown Residents Association 745 Households

Steve McGettigan, Brighton Ave/Court & Place Assoc 120 Households

Jim O’Mahoney, Claremont Pines Residents Assoc. 35 Households

John Dwyer, Foxrock South Residents Assciation inc. Kerrymount Est 120 Households

Angela Soden ,Brennanstown Vale Residents 42 Households

Paul Cotter, Pavilion/ Glenamuck Residents 45 Households

Patrick Burke, Claremount Residents Association 26 Households

Frank Hearne, Foxrock Area, Community & Enterprise 325 Households

February 2017

So our AGM is on March 21st at 8pm in the Johnstown Hall beside the Church.

We wrote to all relevant councillors (Killiney/Shankill) and so far we have received confirmation of attendance by:

DLR Cathaoirleach & Councillor Cormac Devlin (FF)
Councillor Carrie Smyth (Labour)
Hugh Lewis (PBP)
Jim Gildea (FG)


Sergeant Angelene Conefry, the Community Policing Sergeant for Cabinteely Garda Station

If you can indicate if you are coming by message below of by PM that would be helpful for us to get the right room size.

January 2017

For regular updates please have a look at our Facebook page, here is a summary of some items.

  • We distributed 750 calendars that we received from DLRCOCO as a thank you for our participation in the Stop Food Waste workshops in 2016.
  • We did a brief survey of roads and night lighting . We have started to log Lighting issues and Road maintenance issueds on You can also add your own via the mobile app or via this website
  • We have a new Treasurer in waiting  to take over from Tom, which go for approval at our Agm in a couple of months.
  • Larry has sourced some DLR subsidised Bird Boxes made locally, which we will be installing throughout the estate tree areas in the coming months.
  • Security challenges in the area with numerous robberies (on a similar volume to nearby areas) are bringing us together as more residents subscribe to our free Viber or text alerts.

November 2016


We have updated our Security page with the new Text/Vibre Message Alert Trial System and also uploaded a digital copy of our Newsletter being distributed currently around the estate.

Please note the ongoing works on improving the N11/Johnstown Road junction means there will be a temporary road closure upcoming.

The following link is the detail of the work, followed by the details of the planned closure , the route and the subsequent new N11 junction.



October 2016

We have our Tidy Districts results up now on the page, just click the tab.

Also we have the latest Halloween newsletter from DLRCOCO on that page also.

Currently we are putting together our Autumn Newsletter which should be issued in November,

August 2016

Foróige in Johnstown
Some of you will know the great Clubs that Foróige helped put in place for Johnstown.  However, as of September 2016, both Foróige Clubs are now on hold until more volunteer leaders can be recruited. Though disappointing for the young people and their parents, the reality is that the clubs cannot be co-ordinated without a team of dedicated people in place. 
Foróige seek individuals who are motivated, committed individuals in the Johnstown / Ballybrack area, who are serious and passionate about young people’s development, who recognise the contribution a well run youth club can make to a community identity and pride of place. Foróige Leaders provide young people with a chance to grow to their maximum potential while having plenty of fun on the way. This is a great opportunity to discover talents and gain knowledge about yourself, your own strengths and life long learning skills.
Foróige will host a short meeting about these clubs on Tuesday 13th September, 8pm in the New Scout Den Building, Coolevin, to have a chance to introduce Foróige and the two local clubs, face to face!
For more information, please contact Claire Hutchinson, Regional Youth Officer, South Dublin on 085 1666945 or email Feel free to visit, our Facebook page or the Foróige Channel on YouTube.
Also see our Community section for more infor on Foróige and their history in Johnstown.
Foroige 3

July 2016

A lot of residents have put in work with the committee to have the estate looking great for the Summer and catching all that growth from the weeds to hedges!  The councils contractors have done some much needed tree pruning on Granville road which has brightened and cleaned up the look of the area.  We even got to recycle that cut wood into wood chippings for the local beds in Granitefield and throughout the estate.

Please also be aware of a competition that Dean Eaton has made us aware of .  If you are throwing out items, why not offer them for free on or you may be looking for items to upcycle!  There is a competition running for residents and schoolchildren until the end of September that has a prize pot of €1,000!

New poster July 2016

June 2016

The footpath and bus stop between the Glenview estate and Granitefield are to be reinstated this month.

As you may be aware the Planning Application for 214-216 Rochestown Avenue was refused by DLRCOCO,
BUT it has been Appealed by the applicants via a submission to An Bord Plenála.  You have as individuals the option to Appeal the Appeal and the Residents committee will also be Appealing the Appeal.  You can download the appeal documents submitted from the DLRCOCO planning website under the same reference as before. There is a 30day timeframe to do this which will be from 10th May .We have submitted a residents appeal against the appeal.

Our volunteers are in the process of getting around all the beds for a summer refresh. The Tidy towns competition inspectors will visit anytime during the month of July . We would welcome and new additional local residents who could help out with the bed maintenance for the odd hour throughout the estate. The monthly committee meeting is this Tuesday so feel free to private message or email with any queries, suggestions or offers to help!

Fingers crossed for great weather for Pedal in the Park In Cabinteely Park Sunday 12th! Don’t forget to join the fun

At our last committee meeting before a Summer break for our volunteer committee, we covered a number of topics including : annual subscription collection’s, speeding and traffic volumes esp. on Auburn, Woodlands and Granville roads, parking issues by the Dr’s Surgery on Granitefield road, the road surface quality continuing to deteriorate on Johnstown road, security for residents, planning appeals, the continued delays to tree cutting for houses on Granville Road and the upcoming Tidy Towns competition in July. As a volunteer committee, we all have taken tasks to pursue during the summer and will continue to call on our councillors and Dlrcoco for their support on these matters for the 750+ houses we represent. Please continue to email us at with any specific details or include us in your direct appeals to the council and councillors.

May 2016

The new Summer Newsletter is available to download.

Our collectors will be starting this month on collections for our €20 annual subscription fee.  Additional volunteers would be gratefully welcomed!

May Committee meeting update:

1) We are still awaiting delivery of Bird and Wildlife Boxes, whilst we have missed this breeding season we intend to mount them in Granitefield green area and other suitable tree locations.

2) We will be surveying residents of Granitefield (coming off Johnstown road) after the Surgery, in the coming weeks. This is in relation to seeking better traffic management given the distress that seems to be ongoing for residents on that stretch, from visiting cars.

3) Post last years survey of Woodlands Road, we are submitting via our Councillors to secure funding for traffic calming measures, likely ramps to tackle increased speeding and “rat runners” seeking short cuts from Johnstown Road onto Rochestown Avenue at peak hours. We also await to hear on where the plans are at for resurfacing of Johnstown Road.

4) We are staying ever vigilant re Crime and working on measures in the background which we will make you aware of as they come to fruition. There is still ongoing challenges and ongoing “Cruisers”, please do not hesitate to contact the local Gardaí if you notice ANY loitering or suspicious individual/vehicles.

5) Our tidy towns competition is being submitted this week and our estate will be inspected in July. We will prompt you all beforehand!

6) The Annual Subscription collections are going well, if you are able to drop back envelopes to your volunteer collectors if they miss you , that would be a great help. We have yet to collect on a couple of the roads due to the lack of volunteers so we will be distributing those envelopes on Johnstown Avenue and others over the next week.

April 2016

Following Easter Celebrations, we had a great Tidy up day with lots of helps out from around the estate.  We were lucky with the weather and great to see the bunches of helpers of all ages out and about across all the roads in our 750+ Estate. A sincere thanks to all those who turned up and worked their roads. A lot were camera shy!

We found a wide range of things from bits of carpet, a packet of ham, someone’s kitchen panelling fly tipped at Johnstown Park to a poor blackbird freshly passed away. You may have noticed we also had our first grass cut of the year by our contractor.  Our thanks to An Taisce National Spring Clean and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council for their support. I think you’ll agree looking around today the result is fantastic!

Security has been a key focus for us given the increase in Robberies including the Centra robbery on Johnstown Road.

Residents put a lot of objections for the Rochestown Avenue planning ref D16A/0111 ,which is trying to gain access onto Auburn Road!  More is on the dlrcoco planning site where you can see all the objections.  Planning was refused on the 19th of April to our great relief.

The latest environment newsletter from Dean Eaton of DLR County Council is now live on this site.

March 2016

AGM Update

We had a very busy AGM on March 15th which lasted two hours. Covering a wide range of topics, the hottest discussions were on planning and crime prevention.

Aside from a review of finances, a number of residents raised the issue of Dog Fouling, Dumping of Garden Waste in Fields, Tree cutting and residents parking up on and damaging the grass verges.  Redmond was voted in as Chairman, taking over from Diarmuid who has led our committee of volunteers for over 5 years and many thanks were given to all the committee on the night.

Our newsletter has been well received, you can download a PDF version and we intend to issue another in the Autumn. A number of those who attend also strongly suggested we raise the annual fee to €20, which hasn’t changed in 11 years even though some of our core costs like grass cutting has.  It was unanimously agreed by all attendees and approved  by the committee.

The 9th of April Tidy Up  was discussed and the main aim is to have residents focus on their own roads. We will put up banners the week beforehand and the council will be liaising with us to collect waste. More details will be provided closer to the time.

We intend to distribute a flyer to houses to cover certain topics, to get some new signs made and place them in various spaces.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016

to be held in Johnstown Pastoral Centre on Tuesday 15th March at 8 p.m.


  1. Assertion of Quorum
  2. Minutes of Last AGM
  3. Adoption of Accounts and Auditor’s Report
  4. Appointment of Auditors
  5. Secretary’s Report
  6. Resolutions
  7. Election of Administrative Committee
  8. Reports from Sub-committees
  9. AOB

Diarmuid Byrne, Chairman

February 2016

Planning Application IMPACTING Auburn Road, Granitefield and our estate. The planning is now online ref: D16A/0111 Access via :…/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display

It would appear that this is the tip of the Iceberg, as you will see from the prior objections to D15A/0243 (demolishing of house on same lands which was approved and building of new hose).

NOTE it refers to an existing entrance and driveway on Auburn Avenue, but of course this new caged area is in fact part of the original apartment complex. See D05A/1390 for the historical plans on it from 2005.

There is potential that these parties, if there are successful ,to further allow access to a future MASSIVE Culgrenagh site development !!

We need ALL residents to review this planning in the wider context for an already overloaded Auburn Road and Granitefield and make their individuals views heard!  So we are suggesting EVERY individual resident, that will be impacted by this, puts in their own individual objection.

How to Object?:…/council…/planning/findit/objections/ We all have until 29th March to put in objections.

January 2016

A few of the committee surveyed the estate, as part of preparation of planning for spring and areas that we need to work on. Great to see so many fellow residents have cleared up the collections of rotting wet leaves. At a time of cutbacks in DLRCOCO they no longer have resources to clear off footpaths, only the road edge with the road sweeper. We hope to get a regular 2016 schedule to share with you all, to allow us all be prepared and minimise cars on the roads when the sweeper is due.

We have have more robberies over the Christmas period in the area, so please stay vigilant and as always if you see ANYTHING suspicious such as unmarked vans cruising the estate or loitering please contact the Gardaí at Dun Laoghaire 666 5000 or Cabinteely 666 5400.

We have also just sent this letter to the Roads Department, seeking resolution for the awful state of Johnstown Road.

Ltr JRoad

October 2015

Johnstown Lane Tidy Up!

On Saturday 3rd a number of us did a big tidy up of the overgrown hedging at Johnstown Lane, which now looks dramatically better and hopefully also a lot safer too.

Pictures of the before and after are up on the Gallery page.

DOG Poo!

Yes an awful subject but we still have ongoing reports of local dogs being allowed to foul our streets and grass verges causing.  Aside from the €150 fine for those who are reported/caught, DLRCOCO have a nice Green scheme with freebies for those who pledge to be ‘Green Dog walkers’ !…/councildepartments/environment/find…


September 2015

Seapoint Rugby Club Invitation

Eddie Duffy, this seasons President of Seapoint Rugby Club, has invited all resident’s along to the upcoming games in Kilbogget Park

Seapoint Rugby Club


We appeal to residents to be aware of unusual activity in the estate and contact the Gardaí in Cabinteely at 01 666 5400 if you see any suspicious vehicle or person (s) .  This comes in the recent attempt handbag snatch from a young lady walking up Woodlands Road, which thankfully ended without injury.

In light of that we have set up a Facebook page for those who use that social media platform.  Link on this site and at

June 2015

  • Robberies of vehicles by extracting keys through post boxes continue, please be vigilant and see our Security page for tips.
  • If you see ANY suspicious activity PLEASE contact the Gardaí in Dun Laoghaire at 01 666 5400
  • Tidy Districts Judging is ongoing this month, your support for how our estate looks would be very much appreciated.
  • Fr.  Sinnott had chosen not to sell the playing field to developers and instead has in fact informed us that they intend to look to upgrade the field. This is excellent news and we extend our thanks to those who helped on this matter.

May 2015

  • There is an immediate risk of the Church selling a section of the last Playing Field and children’s amenity left in our Parish – see below.
  • There has been recent robberies in the area, please note Garda advice on our Security Page
  • Our collectors will be around in the coming weeks for annual subscription (which is unchanged), please also consider our Standing Order option
  • We have made our submission for the Tidy Districts and plan to have a Tidy Up! day in June (date tbc)