JRA News February 2016

Planning Application IMPACTING Auburn Road, Granitefield and our estate. The planning is now online ref: D16A/0111 Access via : http://planning.dlrcoco.ie/…/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display

It would appear that this is the tip of the Iceberg, as you will see from the prior objections to D15A/0243 (demolishing of house on same lands which was approved and building of new hose).

NOTE it refers to an existing entrance and driveway on Auburn Avenue, but of course this new caged area is in fact part of the original apartment complex. See D05A/1390 for the historical plans on it from 2005.

There is potential that these parties, if there are successful ,to further allow access to a future MASSIVE Culgrenagh site development !!

We need ALL residents to review this planning in the wider context for an already overloaded Auburn Road and Granitefield and make their individuals views heard!  So we are suggesting EVERY individual resident, that will be impacted by this, puts in their own individual objection.

How to Object?: http://www.dlrcoco.ie/…/council…/planning/findit/objections/ We all have until 29th March to put in objections.