Join the Johnstown Residents Association Text Alert System

Join the Johnstown Residents Association SMS text and Viber text message alert system

Given the rising crime and changing demographic of the estate, we have put in place a central phone number to receive and send messages.

It will be on a trial basis until next years AGM and has two aims, firstly to alert people of break ins and secondly to make people aware of any suspicious activity or important JRA information.

There are two ways to communicate:
1) Viber
For those with Smartphones we will add you to the closed group. It is a free service. This will allow “Many to Many” conversations. If you wish to share information on a Robbery or Current suspicious activity, then simply text the group and all will immediately receive your notification.


2) Text Message
For those with standard text phones, you will be sent text messages with alerts that JRA receive in.  If you wish to share information for us to distribute on a Robbery or Current suspicious activity, then text us.

Note this is only for residents of Johnstown Estate that we cover. We are not publically sharing this number.

If you want to participate, please email your Name, Address and Mobile phone number to info @ jra . me or post to JRA Chair at 22 Auburn Avenue.  Dont forget to tell us which you want to be added to 1) Viber OR 2)Text Message group!

We will then validate your name against our address directory, if you are representing an elderly relative and wish to take part please contact us in addition with the address details of the relative within the estate.

Finally, this is a trial but especially with the Viber group, we ask that messages comply with standard digital etiquette and common sense. As we note that other Viber groups, such as parent school groups, often go off topic or are misused.

So please:

  • ONLY messages that specifically state Suspicious Activity or share details of a robbery/break in/theft
  • No messages on Lost animals or general chat … keep that for our Facebook page or email us
  • No need for “Thanks” or other comments as this can overwhelm all recipients with constant alerts of new messages on Viber

These details will also be in the Autumn Newsletter which will be printed this week and distributed the following week. We will then also be putting the same information on

Note: Residents concerned about any activity should always contact the Gardaí first and this is service is not connected to the Gardaí in anyway. This tool is simply to share information amongst ourselves and heighten awareness.

We reserve the right to remove people from the list and seek feedback at the AGM as to whether it is has proved worthwhile , at which time we may stop or continue the service.