Johnstown Road Congestion – Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Engineers Feedback- 22/01/2018

Firstly our thanks to all those who have supported this to date, Cllr Patricia Stewart and Jim Gildea have just confirmed the following feedback from the engineer assigned. (who is should be added seems to have been hit recently with the flu and hence the delay in a response)

1) They are aware of problems. The engineer aware of the build ups and the rat running. The current view is that the main source (in addition to the huge increase in cars on the road due to greater affluence and fuller employment) is the junction at Granville Road.

These lights operate independently of all the others – but this will be fixed this week, they hope/plan on Thursday. The intention is to bring these lights into the loop- the SCATS system- so that there is overall control with all junctions feeding into the central information system to facilitate flow.

2) The left turn onto the N11 which is problematic in the evening is viewed as posing little or no problem in the morning. But the engineer will review this when the Granville junction is embedded in the SCATS over the next couple of weeks. The engineer thinks it can be ameliorated but not solved: it’s always a case of mediating conflicting needs. They do have a lot of information from the SCATS, about peak flow and volume etc. so they can base it all on fairly hard data, but we all know how frustrating driving has become!

So Call to action for YOU, our residents 🙂 :

Can each of you please let us know your views over the next two weeks and we will revert with an update to the council in circa 2 weeks ?

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