DLRCOCO engineer response 25/1/2018 – Johnstown Road Congestion

“Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in providing a response to your query. As you are probably aware we have received a large volume of correspondence in relation to a number of issues in the Cabinteely/ Johnstown area since the Pedestrian & Cycle Improvement Scheme were completed.

The works at the N11 junction and the Maple Manor junction were carried out to provide improved cycle and pedestrian facilities where there were none previously. In order to provide appropriate time for these additional pedestrian facilities, all other road users would experience some form of additional delays. We have continually tried
to provide more time to the most congested approaches to the N11 junction.

The main issue that we are addressing now is the Johnstown Road queues. As I assume you are aware the major delays occur on the Johnstown Road approximately on three occasions during the day (i) in the morning 8:30am to 9:00am (School run), (ii) Lunchtime around 2pm for 30minutes, again school and lunch runs and finally, (iii) approaching 4pm for an hour and this is mainly due to the finish of School and the change of shift in the Amgen factory. At all other
times there is little or no delays on Johnstown Road around Pottery Road. There was a misconception that these delays were caused by the N11 junction and particularly the left turn towards Bray. This left turn is only busy in the evening traffic from 3:30pm on.

The main problem is the junction of Johnstown Road and Granville Road. This junction is an old site and does not run on our modern co-ordinated traffic management system. For this reason this junction does not link with adjacent junctions and delays traffic travelling from Rochestown Ave to N11 and in the opposite direction in the morning. We are going to upgrade this junction this week to allow it to link better with adjacent junctions and hopefully allow traffic to run more efficiently.

Following this work there may be further issues that we need to address at the N11 junction particularly in the morning to allow traffic to traverse the N11 from Cabinteely Village safely however it is hoped that the work this week will provide further improvements in this area.

I hope that this addresses some of your issues and please be assured that we are continually monitoring this location to make changes that will reduce delays to all road users.”