DLR Times Election Special Newsletter May 2019

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On Friday 24 May people all over Ireland will exercise their right to vote in the Local and European Elections and the Divorce Referendum.

With the kaleidoscope of colourful election candidate’s posters in our communities and the prevalence of political discussion on the airwaves, television, print and online media, you will no doubt be aware that we are in the thick of election season! On this occasion your vote is being called for on three separate but very important polls. Every single one of your votes count!

Local Elections
Local Elections are held every five years and offer you the chance to vote for the candidates you want to represent you and your community at local government level.
Every person aged 18 years or over, regardless of their citizenship, and who is a resident of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown is entitled to vote in the local elections for the electoral area in which they live. There are six local electoral areas in the Dún
Laoghaire-Rathdown administrative area, with each area electing a number of Councillors based on the size of its population. The Blackrock and Stillorgan areas will elect six Councillors each, and the Dundrum, Dún Laoghaire, Glencullen Sandyford and Killiney-Shankill areas will elect seven Councillors each.
A list of all nominated candidates can be found at

Why Vote in the Local Elections?

The Council is made up of 40 locally elected representatives. They represent
you in the Council. These 40 Councillors play a very significant role in local
government, representing the views of their communities, highlighting local
issues and bringing proposals to officials.

Your Councillors develop the overall policy framework, debating and adopting a wide range of items before them including multimillion euro annual budgets, County Development Plans, major infrastructure and housing schemes, public realm projects, grants schemes, bye laws, as well as policy and procedure
proposals to name just a few. They represent you as the voter and their actions and decisions will undoubtedly have an impact on you and your local community, which is why it’s important to exercise your right to vote.
Each candidate in the election will have their main priorities and if elected they will have an influence on Council decisions. Have a look at the candidates in your local electoral area. Which of the prospective candidates from your electoral area share your views? They may become your representative in the Council Chamber for the next 5 years.
During every local election seats are won and lost on a handful of votes which is why your vote counts.
For more information on Councillors and their role, who is a candidate in your area and the local election voting process please go to www.dlrcoco.ie/council-democracy