Considerate Parking

We are writing to all residents to highlight the issue of parking on our roads.   Many residents have raised this via the committee and have asked us to communicate to all.

Many of our roads have a limited width and currently the way that some are parking is creating significant issues that prevents access through the road for Fire Brigade and Ambulances, as well as other services such as bin lorries and delivery trucks.

We are appealing to all residents to please give consideration to all others on the road.

If parking on your road, please ensure that you park adjacent to the kerb and not opposite an already parked car. Also, ensure that you have left enough room for an Ambulance or Fire Brigade to get by if required.  Most of us are lucky to have large front gardens that can park multiple cars if they are paved.

We would also remind everyone it is an offence to park with 5 metres of a corner or junction and it makes it difficult and dangerous for another driver on the road.