Community Clean Up March 2017

Our thanks to the new volunteers from the AGM, which we will be in touch with shortly.

This year will all be meeting at the corner of Doonanore park and Granville road at 11am . We can then distribute any gloves, pickers and bags that we have to leads from each road.

We would like to have one person for each road to volunteer to co-ordinate each road. In advance if you can act to co ordinate your road, then please let us know in advance on here, by email to

These are all the roads we will be covering – if you can cover one let us know :
Granville Road (large number of roads)
Granville Crescent,
Doonsalla Drive,
Doonamana Road,
Woodley Road,
Johnstown Road,
Johnstown Avenue,
Johnstown Park,
Johnstown Grove,
Rochestown Avenue, (just small section from entrance of Granitefield area to Johnstown road end)
Woodlands Road,
Woodlands Avenue,
Woodlands Park,
Woodlands Drive,
Oakdale Drive,
Doonanore Park,
Doonsalla Park,
Auburn Avenue,
Auburn Road
and The Maples