How to Contact the JRA!

Many residents and members of the JRA were asking how to contact the JRA!  There are 3 main ways:  1. Firstly – you can contact us via a web page query on the Contact Us link on main website:   Contact Us   2. Or you can also email us on   3. Finally,

Report Any Suspicious Person, Vehicle or Activity to the Gardai immediately

If you see a suspicious Person, Vehicle or any unusual Activity in the area then do PLEASE ring Cabinteely Gardaí 01 666 5400 or Dun Laoghaire Gardaí 01 666 5000.  Try and get any additional information such as description of individual’s clothing or vehicle description and registration to pass it onto the Gardai but never

Join the Johnstown Residents Association Text Alert System

Join the Johnstown Residents Association SMS text and Viber text message alert system Given the rising crime and changing demographic of the estate, we have put in place a central phone number to receive and send messages. It will be on a trial basis until next years AGM and has two aims, firstly to alert people

New Neighbourhood Watch Signs

We are a go!  While we await formal Garda Neighbourhood watch, we now have our signage approved by DLRCoCo up at all key points in the estate.    


We appeal to residents to be aware of unusual activity in the estate and contact the Gardaí in Cabinteely at 01 666 5400 if you see any suspicious vehicle or person (s) .  This comes in the recent attempt handbag snatch from a young lady walking up Woodlands Road, which thankfully ended without injury. In