How to Contact the JRA!

Many residents and members of the JRA were asking how to contact the JRA!  There are 3 main ways:  1. Firstly – you can contact us via a web page query on the Contact Us link on main website:   Contact Us   2. Or you can also email us on   3. Finally,

Rochestown Avenue (Road Surface Patching)

Essential Road surface patching works (Phase 1, Killiney Shopping Centre to Sallynoggin Road) will commence on Rochestown Avenue, during the week commencing Monday 22nd February 2021 and will continue until Friday 12th March 2021.

Considerate Parking

We are writing to all residents to highlight the issue of parking on our roads.   Many residents have raised this via the committee and have asked us to communicate to all. Many of our roads have a limited width and currently the way that some are parking is creating significant issues that prevents access through the

DLRCOCO engineer response 25/1/2018 – Johnstown Road Congestion

“Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in providing a response to your query. As you are probably aware we have received a large volume of correspondence in relation to a number of issues in the Cabinteely/ Johnstown area since the Pedestrian & Cycle Improvement Scheme were completed. The works at the N11 junction

Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme- our objection

The committee met with Cabinteely Residents Association on hearing of their desire to draw attention to the Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme, which will impact ourselves. Basically, independent of the large Cherrywood scheme there is potential for 1,000 houses to be put on land off Brennanstown Road. If you get to look at the picture

Traffic News November 2017

Please note the ongoing works on improving the N11/Johnstown Road junction means there will be a temporary road closure upcoming. The following link is the detail of the work, followed by the details of the planned closure , the route and the subsequent new N11 junction. 20160413_n11_johnstown_road_junction_improvement_scheme