Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme- our objection

The committee met with Cabinteely Residents Association on hearing of their desire to draw attention to the Brennanstown Road traffic management scheme, which will impact ourselves.

Basically, independent of the large Cherrywood scheme there is potential for 1,000 houses to be put on land off Brennanstown Road. If you get to look at the picture attached you will see the plan is to put in a set of lights ahead and after the bad corner. This will no doubt lead to a much greater tailback than is already impacting us all in the locality. Also there is no connection to the new roads for the larger Cherrywood development.

The following is the letter we have signed that is being sent to all councillors:

Despite apparent unanimous opinion during recent Council meeting, that the proposed Brennanstown Road Part 8 Traffic Management Scheme failed to meet all of its four objectives, a decision was taken to adjourn the vote by Councillors until 13th March 2017.

As the number of observations received by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council exceeds 500 we trust in your continued support.

The proposed Part 8 Scheme will not only impact Brennanstown Road and its resident’s, implementation of this scheme will affect all surrounding areas, Carrickmines, Foxrock, Claremont Road, Corneslcourt Hill, Cornelscourt Village and Cabinteely Village.

Brennanstown Road Part 8 Traffic Management Scheme objectives;

  1. Reduce Traffic Speeds and Improve Road Safety

No evidence of a Road Safety Audit and no evaluation of the likely reduction in vehicle speed or the improvement in road safety are contained in the Environmental Report.

  1. Provide Improved Facilities for Vulnerable Road Users

The Traffic Management Scheme fails to provide satisfactory facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

  1. Reduce Through Traffic

No evidence is provided to support this claim, it is asserted that the works will reduce through traffic possibly due to assumed delays at the one-way shuttle system on Brennanstown Road.

  1. Facilitate the Development of Zoned Lands

Policy ST25 Road in the County Development Plan contains contradictory and irreconcilable land use planning objectives. On one hand, Policy ST25 recognises and seeks to preserve the character of Brennanstown Road. The existing stone walls, narrow roads and trees contribute to the existing sylvan character of Brennanstown Road and its environs.

On the other, the Plan includes residential zoning objective which aim to meet the projected housing requirements of the county in the plan period and Policy ST includes an objective to facilitate development at Brennanstown Road.

Brennanstown Road does not comply with any accepted standard or guidelines and its unsuitability to serve further residential development is acknowledged in the planning control which restricts new development as infill and extensions.

The proposed Brennanstown Road Traffic Management Scheme is substandard and gives rise to serious traffic hazard and endangerment of public safety .

This Part 8 Scheme fails to achieve the four objectives at Policy ST25 of the County Development Plan and it would therefore be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

To allow this proposed Part 8 scheme go through, would be both unreasonable and irresponsible.

Kind regards,

Signatures of Resident Associations Chairperson’s representing 2633 households in support that this Part 8 scheme should not go ahead;

Michael O’Brien, Cabinteely Residents Association 350 Households

Margret Richardson, Carrickmines Wood Residents Association 160 Households

Alan Guerins, The Park Residents Association 630 Households

Eamon Hussey, Druids Valley Residents Association 35 Households

Redmond O’Leary, Johnstown Residents Association 745 Households

Steve McGettigan, Brighton Ave/Court & Place Assoc 120 Households

Jim O’Mahoney, Claremont Pines Residents Assoc. 35 Households

John Dwyer, Foxrock South Residents Assciation inc. Kerrymount Est 120 Households

Angela Soden ,Brennanstown Vale Residents 42 Households

Paul Cotter, Pavilion/ Glenamuck Residents 45 Households

Patrick Burke, Claremount Residents Association 26 Households

Frank Hearne, Foxrock Area, Community & Enterprise 325 Households